Gardiner Design will be moving offices from Worcester, MA to Waltham, MA... date to be announced. Please note our NEW ADRESS & PHONE NUMBER of PO Box 550139, Waltham, MA, 02455, Phone: 978-460-0202. I'll let everyone know when we've settled in:-)

Portfolio is in Progress

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The current portfolio section is a bit bare boned at this point as we continue the tedious task of finding original files stored in archives. Please stop by occasionally to see more examples as they get added.

Debi entered the 2015 Boston Flower Show!

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The assignment was to make a hat made of all dried plant materials based on a fairy tale character, so I chose the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid. It was made from Corm husks, acorn caps carved avacado pits (for the skulls), eucalyptus, and reindeer moss. I got an honorable mention, however we got a "Judge's Class Commendation" stating that all four of the entries should have all received blue ribbons.

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